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Useful Tips to Learn Football for Kids

Useful Tips to Learn Football for Kids

Developing interest and passion for football at a young age can help your children become a successful player in the country. Many parents in Melbourne are looking for private coaching centres to enrol their kids so that they can learn football.

The fun fact is that teaching a kid this sport is quite easy. It is important to start with the basis to help your kids learn the foundation of this sport.

 If you merge teaching with some fun loving activities, the kids may engage in the process of understanding the game, rules and tactics with ease.

Here is a complete guide to help your kids understand this exciting sport in no time.

1. Start with the Rules

Let your kids know the object of Football. In this sport, each team  focuses on crossing the goal-line and they can earn six points.

Provide team basic information

There are 11 players on each side or team. If your team has the ball, you are offence and if you are without the ball, then it is defense.

Explain the job of Offense:

The offense has to pass the ball or run down the field and the defense team use their tricks to stop the offense players.

What is Four Downs?

The offense  team gets maximum four attempts to goal the ball. Make sure they take it at least 10 yards; otherwise the defense team will get the ball as well as the golden chance.

Teach your children that Football is the world’s best sport and this will engage them more into the game.

2. Explain the Role of Players

Make sure you explain the roles of following players to help kids understand the game better:

Quarterback Role:

He throws the ball and passes it to the runners. The quarterback can also run with the football.

Running Back or Runner

He runs the ball as far down the field as possible without any hindrance.

Wider Receiver Role:

He catches the pass of quarterback..

Offensive line

The offensive line usually blocks the opposite team from tackling the running backs and quarterback.

Defense Job

He stops the player and tries to stop his kicks and movement.  

3. Tell Everything about Scoring

Tell your child that a touchdown can help you gain six points:

If one team come across the end zone, it is known as a touchdown. The team will get an opportunity to kick the ball via the upright goals. They can earn extra point for this.

Do not forget to explain the field goal let you gain three points:

If the players can’t make a touchdown, they may kick a field goal via the upright goals.

A safety can help you gain two points

It is achieved when an offense player is stopped with the ball inside the end zone of his team.

You can also join the Football Fan Club if you are passionate about this sport and want your kids to learn the techniques and become a professional player.

4. Practice is Important

Practice not only makes a man perfect. Regular practice can help your kids learn the pro technique to kick the ball. Teach him or her to throw the football with fingers placed o the laces.

Encourage them to run down the field and move to the right and left. The next technique is quite difficult but teach them to tuck the ball into the chest and arms while running.

Give time to your kids or you can look for a professional coach who can incorporate all the skills and prepare them for the football.

Work on their stamina and give them nutritious food so that they can run consistently with the same dedication and enthusiasm.

5. Stay Consistent

This is one of the important things if you want your kids to learn this sport. Consistency can help them become a prominent player and he/she can also play in local football matches in Melbourne. You can also allow them to join the football fan club in Melbourne where they can meet their friends and play football under the guidance of renowned coaches.


These are some of the useful tips to help your kids learn the basics and other important things about Football.

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