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Football Equipment You Should Know About

Football Equipment You Should Know About

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, with over 250 million players in more than 200 counties. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that Australia has a strong football fan base as well. The sport is known to build physical strength and help players learn teamwork. Additionally, it improves agility, flexibility and cognitive skills. Playing football has multiple other advantages and if you love the sport and want to remain fit, partake in it as much as possible.

If you choose to play, use the following football equipment to enjoy the sport without hassle.

Football Jersey

If you are a football player or enthusiast, you will know your favourite player’s jersey numbers and colours. A football jersey is the unique uniform of each team its players wear while playing on the field. This jersey is usually long-sleeved and symbolises the team’s spirit, country or other aspects. A football jersey is among the most important part of the sport. If you wear a jersey, it helps create a sense of belonging to your team. 

Note: if you wear a garment under the jersey, make sure it is the same colour as the jersey or at least the visible parts should be the same colour.

Football Shorts

Since football is a sport that requires extensive foot play, it is practical to wear shorts rather than pants. They allow free movement and keep players light on their feet. The shorts are the same colour as the Football jersey, and team members must wear the same style. These shorts are designed to allow movement and are made with breathable fabric. If you are choosing football shorts, go for ones that are not too baggy. Choose shorts that fit yet remain loose enough to help you play football properly. If you are playing for a team, then you will get a football jersey and shorts to wear. All your teammates will wear the same type, making it a great team bonding experience.

Shin Guards

Since football requires extensive use of your legs, you must have protective gear to protect your knees and shins. Remember, a ball hitting you at full force will still hurt but not as much with the guards. You can get single-piece shin guards or those with Velcro as per comfort. These gear are worn under the socks and designed to cover the entire knee and the back. Wearing them at first can seem uncomfortable but with regular practice, wearing them becomes second nature.

Football Socks

Unlike regular socks, football socks are longer and are designed to cover your knees and your legs. They are tight enough to hold the shin guards. These socks are necessary to prevent friction from the cleats (shoes) and guards. They are usually made with thick cotton or synthetic fabric for durability and breathability.  

Cleats/Studs (football shoes)

One of the most important gear to wear to play football is cleats or studs. They are specially designed shoes that are divided into four parts. They have an upper covering that connects with the sole. The inner sole provides comfort to the feet. The outer sole with spikes to grab onto the soil well. Lastly, the heel counter supports the foot’s heel and ensures balance. 

Goalie’s Equipment

Compared to other players in the team, the goalkeeper has to wear more protective gear. They are constantly in line to receive footballs at full force. Therefore, they must wear gloves, a padded jersey and padded shorts to avoid injuries like falls, contact with the ball, sprains, fractures etc. These gears are harder to don and handle than the usual football equipment. But, once you get used to them, they become second skin and help you become a better goalkeeper. If you plan to purchase jerseys and shorts, keep in mind that they are different for men and women, which is why you must choose them accordingly.


Football is a passionate and fun-loving sport that requires dedication, practice and determination. If you plan to play, do it well by donning the football equipment mentioned above. Also, enrol in a team to play sports with teammates. Also, visit the Mansfield Eagles site regularly to keep up to date about the team and football.     

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