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Situated in the heart of Melbourne, our Mansfield Eagles Football Fan club aims at providing great entertainment as well as detailed information to real Eagles supporters. We have spacious premises where fans can come, watch matches and spend quality time with like-minded people. You can join our club and support Mansfield Eagles. Since 2001, we have been playing an important role for our local residents and Mansfield Eagles fans in Melbourne, Victoria. Our club is open for everyone who is passionate about Football and The Eagles team. To become our member, you need to fill the form online and support your beloved team.

History of Mansfield Eagles

Constituted back in the 1880’s, the Mansfield Eagles participated in the Goulburn Valley Football League in 1998- which is one of the most renowned tournaments in Australia. In the initial years, Mansfield Eagles competed in a number of robin competitions with teams from surrounding towns. The first premiership success came in 1890 in the Gardner Cup. Since then, they become one of the best football teams in Melbourne, Victoria.




The Gardner Cup


The Mansfield Football Association


The Goulburn Valley Football League


Are you a real Mansfield Eagles Fan? Become a member of our club and promote the craziness of this fantastic club. Our in-house team and prestigious members always supports the Mansfield Eagles Football club in all tournaments. You can be a part of our fan club and get all the latest updates, customised t-shirts and a football. We also train kids, beginners and those who want to become a professional football player in the coming years. If you want to present your favourite team, then contact our highly-experienced and trained coaches. We also provide complete information on football techniques, rules, and other basic learning so that you can understand the sport in a better way. Our membership is available for:




Qualified Team




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Facilities and Features

We, at Mansfield Eagles Football Fan Club, take immense pride in offering high-end facilities to our prestigious members. We understand that playing football needs practice and right guidance, and that’s why we have a team of trained and qualified coaches who can help you know the best ways to strike a ball into the goal. We offer great features and in-house facilities to support the fans of Mansfield Eagles Football club supporters. All the fans can come together and watch matches live, learn the sport, participate in indoor and outdoor activities and much more. Whether you are an experienced player or an amateur, we let you play the game with pride and dedication. Our club has everything from Indoor Pitches to Gym, Canteen to Meeting Room, and much more. We also organise events to promote football in and around Melbourne. You can become a member of our fan club and gather detailed information about the Mansfield Eagles Football Club.

Indoor ground For Experienced and Beginners

Training is one of the important aspects if you want to become a successful football player. We provide well-maintained indoor ground for intensive training.

Customised t-shirts and other sport equipment

We are crazy about Mansfield Eagles and that’s why we design customised t-shirts or jerseys to support our team. If you are passionate too, join our fan club today.

Other Entertainment Attractions

You can sit together and enjoy matches of your favourite time in our air-conditioned and fully-featured rooms. Kids can also play matches to improve their skills.

Let’s Celebrate Every Single Win of Mansfield Eagles Team with Us!

Our Top Coaches
Football Coach

Mason Walker

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Football Coach

Logan Lee

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Football Coach

Edward Kelly

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Become a Great Football Player in Melbourne!

Our fan club not only provide you with detailed information on football and your favourite Mansfield Eagles team, but also focuses on offering comprehensive football training. We have a team of highly-trained and dedicated coaches who played various tournaments in Victoria. Some of the coaches have played for Mansfield Eagles Football Club as well. Mason Walker is the most experienced coach in our fan club who is famous for managing local football teams in and around Melbourne.
Logan Lee is also a famous coach among beginners. He coordinates, motivates and organises teams and individuals very well. He knows how to create a game plan and tactics and inspire students to do better on the ground.
Edward Kelly has been working with us for more than 8 years. His responsibilities includes training sessions, providing advice, right stroking techniques and motivation to the people who want to play this super-fun sport. From developing game plans to scheduling team meetings, he does everything in our fan club. If you want to build your career in this sport, contact us and become a great football player and represent Mansfield Eagles.


Football or Soccer is undeniably the most popular sport in the globe and is played in most countries. A team involves 11 players on each side who strike/stroe the pall and score goals. The nature of the sport comprises of sprinting, running fast, and requires proper concentration. The sport is great for mental health, fitness and of course, cardiovascular health. It increases your aerobic potential, lowers body fat and tones your muscles. Soccer can build strength, endurance and flexibility while keeping you fit and healthy. Apart from health benefits, football also teaches you coordination, promotes teamwork and improves your concentration capacity.



Our club is organising a football match for our female members so that they can enjoy this sport and learn some basic techniques. We have indoor pitches for practice matches and competitive matches on Sundays. You can join us and play your favourite sport.


We organise community matches to promote football across the city. Our in-house team focuses on organising proper matches for our prestigious members. They can participate and show their love for football via our events and activities.

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