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Why Football is the World’s Best Sport?

Why Football is the World’s Best Sport?

There is no denying the fact that football is a global sport that connects almost every individual on the planet. People love the spirit of the game, the excitement of carrying, passing and stroking the ball into the goal is what everyone experiences. If you want to know the reasons behind the popularity of this sport across the world, then keep on reading the article:

1. Passion for Football is Universal

No matter where you live in the world, the passion for this sport is everywhere. The fever remains the same for football wherever to travel. Every football stadium across the globe is packed with hundreds and thousands of fans. No other sport has that much passion during matches and that’s why Football has become a universal sport.

2. There is no Age Restriction

Unlike other professional sports such as basketball, football doesn’t really have any age restriction for a player to play. Once a club make a decision that a particular player is ready for the game, they can be introduced to the official team. Most teenagers are into Football because of this reason.

3. Long-running Rivalries

It is always exciting to watch rivalry football matches. It adds excitement to the sport and encourage people to watch matches regularly. If you are fan of Mansfield Eagles Football club, then join the fan club and know everything about your favourite team.

4. Easy to Play

Football is one of the easiest sports to play. If you are passionate about this sport, you can play with your friends. You can also take professional training from a coach and build your career in this field.

5. Marketing

No other sport has the power to bring 3 billion people together- all thanks to the world’s biggest marketing strategies. Not only in the world club, but popular clubs in Victoria also receive dollars thanks to the sponsorships. The popularity of football is all because of marketing campaigns.

6. Internationally Played

Most of the sports are played in one region of the world. But, Football is the most popular sports across the world. Majority of countries play football in international tournaments.

7. Short Time to Watch

A football match is approx 90 minutes long, including half time the total time you might spend watching a movie. Other sports include 3-4 hours of play- which makes people inconvenient to watch the entire match in today’s hustle-bustle.


These are 7 common reasons behind the popularity of football across the globe. It is obvious to feel excited when you know the rules and everything about this sport. If you are a crazy fan of Mansfield Eagles Football Club, you can visit our fan club or fill up the form and become our member.