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Our club is organising a football match for our female members so that they can enjoy this sport and learn some basic techniques. We have indoor pitches for practice matches and competitive matches on Sundays. You can join us and play your favourite sport. We have trained our team so that they can compete.

Our fan club is best known for arranging dinner parties for our prestigious members. We love creating special moments for you by organising fancy dinner parties. We reserve tables in fine-dining restaurants where you can hop on delectable dishes while watching a football match.

We keep organising matches for kids to keep their interest up. Our members can bring their kids for coaching and let them play friendly matches. We organise events for kids as well so that they can improve their knowledge and skills for better results. If you want to represent your team in the coming future, then join our fan club today.

We organise community matches to promote football across the city. Our in-house team focuses on organising proper matches for our prestigious members. They can participate and show their love for football via our events and activities. We can give you trophies as well to keep you stay motivated.

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