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Our Happy Members


Emily Campbell

I thoroughly enjoy whenever I visit to your fan club. Their service is expectional.


Mason Robinson

I’ve been a part of Mansfield Eagles Football fan club for more than 5 years. Thanks for entertaining Us.


Logan White

They have arranged tickets for the live match on the last moment and made our day. Thank you Guys!

Fulfilling the Needs of Our Prestigious Members!

We never fail to entertain our existing members of our fan club. They can come and spend time at our fan club. It is place where you can gather information everything about your favourite team. You can get customised t-shirts, footballs and shorts to support love for Mansfield Eagles Football Club. We take care of your specific needs and help you build a strong relationship with everyone who are die-hard fans and team supporters. If you want to become a part of our fan club, fill up the form online. We also offer annual membership with a lot of benefits. If you are interested, then contact us today!

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Join Our Fan Club Today!

Mansfield Eagles Football Fan Club is one of the biggest football families in Melbourne. We have more than 1000 of registered members. You can show love, support and celebrate the success of your beloved team with us. Thousands of other members are also connected with our fan club

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