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Welcome to your members’ area where you can explore everything about your favourite team. It is a place where you can celebrate the victory and achievements of Mansfield Eagles Football Club. All supporters sit together, play games, watch matches and spend quality time with like-minded people to cherish the love and passion for football. Our fan club is located in the heart of Melbourne, Victoria. You can become our member and enjoy all the amenities of our club. From best quality food to entertainment sections, customised jersey of your favourite team, practice matches, parties and what not. You should experience being a part of our fan club.


We, at Mansfield Eagles Football Fan Club, focus on networking more people who are true fans of ‘ Mansfield Eagles’. To make this happen, we designed our fan club in such a way which includes everything – from entertainment rooms to a canteen, indoor pitches to air-conditioned halls where you can watch matches of your most loved team. We are giving you an opportunity to become a part of our exclusive club with a hot of amenities for you to enjoy throughout the season.

Quality services and dedication towards work made us one of the trusted fan clubs in Melbourne, Victoria. Whether it is about booking a ticket for a football match or learning a professional football, we are here to help you. Our in-house staff strives hard to give you relaxed and exceptional experience with all the high-end amenities.


In-house facilities of our fan club attract both existing and new members. If you are a real fan or supporter of Mansfield Eagles Football Club, then you are at the right place. We offer high-end services and facilities to our members so that they can enjoy quality time with like-mined people. We have new training facilities as well that have a drastic effect on the success of our fan club.

We not only support Mansfield Eagles but also prepare young and talented footballers for the team. We have in-house coaches who will teach you everything about football.

You can join our fan club and become our prestigious member. Our staff will take care of your specific needs and give you exceptional experience. You can also visit us along with your guests. If they are fond of Mansfield Eagles Football team, they can also be a part of our fan club.

“This is one of the best fan clubs in Melbourne. I am a crazy fan of Mansfield Eagles Football Team and I feel proud to be a part of your fan club.”
  • Indoor ground to let you play a match
  • Practice matches for members
  • Fancy Dinner parties
  • Customised t-shirts for true fans
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • A spacious entertainment area
  • Events for kids
  • Arrange tickets for the live match
  • Clean washrooms
  • Canteen
  • Trained football coaches
  • Lively Environment

If you have any query or register a complaint, contact to our manager. You can visit his room and lodge a complaint. We are here to listen to your queries so that we can improve our services and improve our network of fans across Melbourne, Victoria.

Die-Hard Fans of Mansfield Eagles Football Team Can Join Our Fan Club!



    Being a real supporter of Mansfield Eagles Football Club, I joined this fan club. It is a perfect place to enjoy every game with other crazy fans.


    I really found this place vibrating and chilling. A group of fans have painted our bodies and showed support for our most favourite football team.


    The services at your fan club are superb. I thoroughly enjoy being a part of your member’s list. Thanks for entertaining us.

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